Even UDD thinks Bitoy’s ‘Oo’ parody is friggin ‘genius’

Gelo Lasin

ICYMI, Michael V a.k.a Bitoy recently performed a funny parody of UDD’s signature hit ‘Oo’ on the long-running comedy show ‘Bubble Gang’.

Titled ‘Uh-Oh’, the skit sees the comedy legend turn the song into a story about the struggles of a chef who’s cooking without a stove.

At one point, he muses ‘Kaya kong lutuin yan kung meron lang kalan.’

The parody has since gone viral, racking up millions of views on Facebook. People also commended the hilarious alternate lyrics, with one noting how Bitoy was even able to mimic Armi Millare’s vocal style.




Armi herself referenced a line, tweeting ‘Nilagang banana’. GMA News later caught up with the UDD frontwoman, who called it ‘cleverly done and it makes people happy in ways we can’t, so everybody wins!’

In an interview with Bandwagon PH, guitarist Carlos Tanada gave his seal of approval, saying:

‘He finished the whole song! I thought he would shorten it. Genius!’


This wasn’t the first time that Bitoy poked fun at UDD, having previously parodied the band’s 2012 hit ‘Tadhana’ with the spoof ‘Tadyakan’.

Iba ka talaga, Bitoy

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