Tom Naval says goodbye to Tom’s Story

Gelo Lasin

And then there were two

3 piece rock band Tom’s Story is now a duo after announcing that bassist and founding member Tom Naval has left the band due to ‘personal reasons’.

Hello there,The coming of the new year is a time for change for a lot of people. It's the time when people have the…

Tom's Story 发布于 2019年1月2日周三


The full statement is as follows: 

Hello there,

The coming of the new year is a time for change for a lot of people. It’s the time when people have the resolve to try new things, to be rid of bad habits, or to be open to change. Well, for Tom’s Story, there will be some changes.

From this day onward, I will no longer be part of the band. I am departing for personal reasons, and will be focusing my time elsewhere.

Gabba and Degs, my brothers since time immemorial, will continue the band, and I am wishing them all the best.

I want to thank Gabba, Degs, Li, the entire Spur family, and everyone who has been with us along the way, and I will never forget the things I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made. Thank you, reader, listener, friend, for sticking around and letting me share music with you.

I will see you guys around.


The fans, who were left reeling, took to social media to ask: what is Tom’s Story without Tom?


The indie rock trio, originally composed of members Tom Naval, Gabba Santiago, and Deggs De Guia has become one of the most sought-after acts in the local scene for the past years, with hits like ‘Dream/Catcher’ and ‘Anchors’.


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