NEVER AGAIN: Paramore bans ‘Misery Business’ from their live performances

Gelo Lasin

We’re not sure what to feel

On one hand, ‘Misery Business’ is one of the most iconic Paramore hits to date. Who couldn’t resist rocking with Hayley as soon as she starts the chorus by blurting ‘Woah, well I never meant to brag…

On the other, the 2007 hit has always been pretty controversial, thanks to the lyrics ‘Once a whore, you’re nothing more. I’m sorry that’ll never change.’

Now, it seems the band is making the effort to shut down the controversy once and for all after deciding to retire ‘Miz Biz’ from their performances.

Hayley herself made the announcement before singing the song for the last time at the ‘Paramore Art + Friends’ Festival in Nashville, commenting:

‘Tonight, we’re playing this song for the last time for a really long time. This is a choice we made because we feel like we should. We feel like it’s to move away from it for a little while.’


In what seems as a way of making good on her promise, fans noticed that Hayley didn’t include the infamous line during the last performance.

Listen to the song here:

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