The new version of the ‘Meteor Garden’ theme song will release your inner Shan Cai

Gelo Lasin

It’s really happening!

Not only did Meteor Garden 2018 just announce its release date (July 9, FYI!), we now have a new version of the original theme song, ‘Ni Yao De Ai’ – and it’s giving us some serious nostalgia.

Every senti scene in the orig Meteor Garden was always led by this classic:

Here’s the 2018 version:

If you think the new one sounds familiar, it’s because they got the original singer (Penny Tai) to sing the updated one. Now that’s pretty awesome!

Starring in the music vid are the modern reiterations of the squad, led by Dylan Wang (Dao Ming Si), Darren Chen as (Hua Ze Lei) and She Yue (Shan Cai)

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