IV of Spades and Unique just debuted their new singles at the same time

Gelo Lasin

Is this some sort of brotherly intuition?

In what seems to be a message from fate itself, Unique Salonga and IV of Spades both dropped new tracks within a few moments from each other, proving that true bros are always connected with one another, even if they’re apart.

That, or this was merely a coincidence.

IV of Spades dropped a freaky music vid for ‘In My Prison’, their first track since Unique Salonga’s much-talked-about sudden exit from the band.

‘In My Prison’ is an unreleased track that they’ve already been performing in their live gigs back when they were still a foursome.

The newly minted trio – Zild Benitez, Blaster Silonga and Badjao de Castro – star in the well-produced music video that feels like a throwback to MTV’s emo era.

New lead vocalist Zild takes most of the acting parts where he’s seen teetering on the edge of insanity and being smothered by people covered in black veil and garb – a grim visual accompaniment to the lyrics “I’m in my prison / And I am the only prey / You are the reason / Why my heart and soul would stay.

Fans are lovin it so far

A couple of minutes later, it was Unique’s turn to release his debut track ‘Midnight Sky’ as a solo artist.

The somber music vid, shot in black and white, sees Salonga singing and yearning about an absent loved one.

The support for Unique was there too

Fans of the original ‘IV of Spades’ lineup couldn’t help but chime in about the timing of both artists’

So who had the better outing? Who won this battle of artists?

The fans did

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