OMG: Dua Lipa CONFIRMS ‘secret’ Blackpink collab with ‘Kiss and Make Up’

Gelo Lasin

Your dreams have come true bbs!

After days worth of rumors, Dua Lipa has confirmed that, yes, she HAS collabed with K-Pop group Blackpink.

The ‘New Rules’ singer revealed the team-up in a tweet re: a revamp of her self-titled, debut album.

The re-issue – which comes out on October 19th – contains an unreleased song, ‘Running’ and 3 new tracks: ‘Want To’, ‘Electricity’ with Silk City, AND ‘Kiss and Makeup’ collab with Blackpink.

Dua Lipa was ecstatic that her fans were hyped with the announcement.

Here’s hoping she gives us a teaser of the album in her upcoming concert in Manila.

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