TIL: The DOH had a legit boyband called ‘The Bakuna Boys’

Gelo Lasin

For today’s TIL (Today I Learned), we’ve got something that’s both timely and awesome.

ICYMI, the number of casualties from the measles outbreak has been alarming. This is credited to the pvblic’s reluctance to have their kids vaccinated as a result of last year’s Dengvaxia controversy.


In an effort to change the pvblic’s mind, r/Philippines has unearthed a hidden gem in the form of the Department of Health (DOH) boyband, The Bakuna Boys‘.

Launched two years ago, ‘The Bakuna Boys’ were a part of the DOH’s campaign to remind moms to vaccinate their children in celebration of World Immunization Week.

The group (obv) takes heavy inspo from the Backstreet Boys, complete with the all-white look, cheesy dance moves, and the admittedly catchy chorus which sings ‘Bring your baby back to bakuna’.

Watch them here:



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