BTS performed on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and holy crap it was AMAZING

Gelo Lasin

You don’t have to be a K-Pop stan to realize that BTS’ performance on America’s Got Talent was nothing short of incredible.

The Bangtan Boys colorful displays and fire dance moves were on full display when they performed their hit, ‘IDOL’, much to the screams and delight of ARMYs everywhere.

Even non-BTS fans were hooked, with people taking to social media to ask about the ‘dude in the red suit’ – which turned out to be Jimin.


Hell, I’m pretty sure everyone’s ovaries exploded with his smile


BTS’ debut on America’s Got Talent is also their first on any kind of American talent program. It’s also serves as their first live stage performance on any prime time TV show.

Watch the full performance here:

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