The Kids are Alright: Why BRWN is the newest, must-listen act today

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It’s easy to dismiss – and unfairly make a judgment call on the merits of – young artists these days. There’s a star born every second online, and recently, both self-styled critics and pundits have been quick to jump the proverbial gun on groups who are riding whatever is currently making waves.

But without a doubt, real talent is everywhere and readily available, and all one has to do is know where to look and listen. Budding artists and songwriters who want to take a shot at the top also know where to look and listen: inward, to where it all began.

Which is why BRWN – made up of composer/singer Max Antonio Guerero, guitarist/musical arranger – Migs Raneses, keyboardist/bassist and arranger – Oman Peradilla, and drummer -Stanley Seludo – is forging its own path as a collective of young performers with both the musical know-how and the ability to dig deep, be it musical influence or purpose. After consuming a healthy diet of vintage music ranging from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, acid jazz, soul and R&B, with a healthy shot of modern electronic music and production in their formative years, BRWN is very aware of what they want – and how they plan to achieve it.

“The objective is to be challenged,” says Guerero, who dons a trademark visor during live performances as a reminder of how it should be all about the music, and appearances shouldn’t come into play. “If you can’t challenge yourself, how do you expect to come up with anything new? That’s precisely the reason why our diverse influences seem to be working to our advantage,” he smiles. “There is no limit to the possibilities. Truly, anything is possible when it comes to creating good music.”

And BRWN seems to have its finger on the pulse, because as early as now, they’ve been gradually dominating any and all stages they’ve stepped on, be it amongst newer contemporaries, or veteran players in the game like South Border. With smooth vocal lines, an undeniable bounce and swagger in the band’s rhythm department, inventive yet tasty lead guitar and keyboard lines, and an overall sophistication and class, it’s not hard to see that this is definitely THE group that is going to make waves this last quarter of the year. And not just locally – the members have all expressed their desire to take their music further outside the country, to different markets.

The band’s first single “So Good” is OUT NOW on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital streaming platforms, and you can bet that it’s going to usher in a new era in local Filipino music, as it is equal parts sexy, groovy and most importantly, well-crafted. BRWN is also currently in the studio, finishing more tracks to be collected as a debut EP in the first quarter of 2019, so it’s all very exciting from this point on.

So keep those eyes peeled and ears open, because BRWN is about to set a new standard for excellent Filipino music, and they promise to keep challenging themse
lves while taking all of us on a ride we’ll surely never forget.

Listen to ‘So Good’ by BRWN:

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