VIRAL: This aspiring dentist’s cover of ‘Never Enough’ is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable

Gelo Lasin

Still as amazing as ever

A few weeks ago, We The Pvblic featured Rhea Basco, a 4th-year dentistry student from Centro Escolar University who went viral for her take on Morissette Amon’s ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ while she was chilling inside a classroom.

Wala siya magawaEdit: Never knew this would blow up! My friends and I are shaking! We the Pvblic, a social media news page even wrote an article about her. Read up if you're curious about my friend here.Link:

Julkaissut Charles Sorreda Maanantai 16. heinäkuu 2018

Now, she went viral AGAIN for her rendition of The Greatest Showman’s ‘Never Enough’

This time, she’s singing in front of an ENTIRE auditorium full of people during her school’s general assembly  – and she didn’t even miss a step.

Bored ulit sya kaya dinamay na nya buong dentistry 😂NEVER ENOUGH BY RHEA BASCOPlease follow this page!!! Thank you!! ❤️

Julkaissut Mae Pilapil Torstai 19. heinäkuu 2018


Absolutely. Killed. It.

Seriously, this girl is conquering the Internet like it’s nothing! Her recent vid even racked up TWICE as many likes as the first.

Altho with a voice like that, it’s kinda hard not to get noticed.

We caught up with Rhea again to see how’s her life after going viral

So how’s your life since your first viral vid? Napansin ko may FB page ka na!

‘I’ve definitely more inspired to pursue my career in singing! People have been kind to send me compliments and I’ve been invited to different gigs. Sobrang nakakatuwa!’

Hahaha so cute!!! Thank you ate and kuyas from Bacsilog 😂😁

Julkaissut Rhea Basco Maanantai 30. heinäkuu 2018


‘I even met and sang in front of Kiko Salazar, writer/producer of the song ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ sung by Morissette!’

Wow! Is he setting you up for something big? Are you allowed to say anything?

‘Hehe abangan na lang po sa mga future posts ko *laughs*’

So does this mean it’s a singing career na talaga after college?

I love dentistry but in my heart, singing is my passion talaga and if there are opportunities where I can perform, I would definitely do it.

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