UDD’s Armi Millare drops ‘Lykkelig’ with Norwegian pop band, D’Sound

Gelo Lasin

Armi Millare is going places. Norway, specifically.


Up Dharma Down’s frontwoman just released her collab track with Norwegian pop band D’Sound ahead of her first-ever concert in Norway – and the vibe is legit catchy AF.

‘Lykkelig’ – which is ‘Happy’ in Norwegian – is entirely written in Tagalog, which was purely intentional, according to the ‘Tadhana’ singer.

‘The intention was that it’s for the Pinoys across the globe, but I also want to get non-Filipinos to sing in Tagalog (laughs)’, shared Armi with Bandwagon Philippines.

It's finally out!! 🇵🇭🇳🇴Check out our new single “Lykkelig” with Armi Millare. Did you know that Lykkelig is the…

Posted by D'Sound on Khamis, 4 Oktober 2018


The Filipina singer also called ‘Lykkelig’ the ‘the happiest lyric [she has] ever written’, stating:

‘I’m hoping that when people hear this song—wherever in the world they may be—would make them call their friends to just have fun, after a long day’s work, on a weekend. Make the best of times together and stay in that space for a while.’

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Listen to the track here:

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