Ariana Grande’s ‘Breathin’ vid is inspiring people to kick anxiety’s butt

Gelo Lasin

Ariana Grande just dropped a new vid for her single ‘Breathin’ and it could possibly be the best (and most beautiful) representation of what it feels like to be living with anxiety.

Screengrabbed – YouTube

The clip is filled with symbolism re: this crippling condition including one which sees Ariana walking through a crowded train station while people dizzyingly rush all around her.

Beyond all of the flash and frills, the music video has actually inspired many to come out and acknowledge their own struggles against anxiety. Some even shared their efforts in coping with the mental health issue.

At this point, how can you NOT love Ariana Grande? Where else can you find an artist who can turn a message about dealing with anxiety into such a replay-worthy bop?

Watch the vid here:

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