Adam Sandler’s ‘Phone, Wallet, Keys’ is the most relatable jam of 2018

Gelo Lasin

Leave it to Adam Sandler to create the hottest rap single of 2018 – and he didn’t even need to talk about sex, drugs, nor does he diss fellow ‘rappers’. Instead, he gives us a crash course on something we’re all too familiar with – the complicated world of adulting.

In ‘Phone, Wallet, Keys’, the comedian flows about how he always needs those three items whenever he goes outside of his house. If he’s going to the zoo? Check. Getting a face tattoo? You bet your ass you need your ‘Phone, Wallet, Keys.’

Aside from the surprisingly catchy vibe, the 3-item-list hilariously expands to include other things as his life gets more complicated, to the point that he complains about getting a hernia for ‘carrying so much shit.’

It’s the Sandman at peak hilarity.

Watch it here:

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